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In loving memory

Raiddokas Itundra
05.02.2007 - 26.11.2020

Run free my best beloved Tundra! Now you will stay together till the end of time with your Fjord
Nuortariikas Cappat Ciegusvohta

14.10.2013 - 17.12.2019

Nea died caused by a car accident. I am so unbelievably sorry for the owner Martina and family!
Thank you, for giving her such a loving and great home!
Run free, Nea! You will be missed
Lapinlempi Boulas Beaivi "Fjord"

29.04.2005 - 10.01.2019

Run free Fjord! Thank you! Thank you for everything you tought me, for being my first own dog, for just everything! You were the reason of everything I am now! Thank you!
One day, we will meet again! We all miss you so much, my dear! You and Robin are together now
Love you!

Nuortariikas Bahkkasa Biegga
05.02.2012 - 20.12.2014

Run free sweetie! It was too early you left us! We all miss you!

Brett vom Nationalpark "Robin"

19.08.1999 - 16.05.2014

Run Free Robin! You was my companion half of my life! Without you my life would not be the same
Thank you so much! I love you and I miss you so hardly!

In loving memory of Nuortariikas Aidnu Ainnahas, 30.04.2010!!!!
The sweety was already dead, when she was gaven birth!

My beloved first cat Hexi (1981 - 1999)

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