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Breeding goals

When it comes to breeding my guideline (that I have in common with a lot of other breeders rearing working dogs) is:
“Brains before beauty!” The Lapinporokoira will probably never turn into a “trend-dog”. For most people he probably lacks that, what the general public would define as beauty. But for some people, including me, the Lapinporokoira is indeed a very beautiful dog. The Lapinporokoira is a working dog, and in the last few years I have been able to notice an upwards trend, with more and more people being interested in this breed of dog.
The gene pool for this dog breed is still very small. Because of this, there are still no real breeding or beauty guidelines, when it comes to the rearing of Lapinporokoiras. We simply try to maintain their natural and original character and appearance.

This characteristic type of Lapinporokoiras is the one I would also like to rear and preserve in my kennel. I would like to breed dogs that conform as much as possible to the breeding standards. My puppies should be healthy, beautiful, have a stable character and of course bring a lot of joy to their new owners!

Of course my dogs are thoroughly examined before I start rearing and I only allow healthy dogs into my kennel for breeding purposes. I have them x-rayed to make sure they do not show any signs of hip dysplasia and also their eyes are examined to make sure they comply with the standards of the Austrian club of Spitz and primitive dogs.

To me, it's very important, that future owner will do this examinations too. I think, it's very important for the whole breed, but also for my kennel!

It is also very important to me to stay in contact with the new owners of my puppies. Each buyer is more than welcome to contact me in the event of problems or questions that may come up. I will do my best, to help you. Of course I would also be very excited, if you’d keep me updated on the development of my pups and would be happy to post their successes on my homepage!

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