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Lapinporokoira Info

There is no difference in the basic care for a Lapinporokoira compared to other dog breeds. It too has to be fed, needs physical and mental challenges and the affection and love of its owner.
But I would advise everyone interested in a Lapinporokoira to consider if they have the time and knowledge that is necessary to care for this specific dog breed. Sometimes keeping this Nordic sheepdog busy is not an easy task.
The Lapinporokoira is eager to work and needs to face challenges and new jobs; otherwise he might go off in search of work, probably not to the liking of the owner. Personally I do all kinds of dog sports to keep my dogs busy and happy; mainly focusing on agility, obedience, dog-dancing and following tracks.
In principal a (full-grown) dog should be taken for a walk twice a day, for at least one hour.

Also the diet of the Lapinporokoira does not differ from that of other dogs. I would recommend BARF (bone and raw food) which in my opinion is the most natural way of feeding a dog. But I do not see any problem in feeding the dog with a high quality dry or wet food!

As far as care and hygiene goes, the Lapinporokoira is an easy dog. Their coat is water end dirt resistant. After a walk it’s totally sufficient to simply dry them off with a towel. If necessary it is no problem at all to give this breed a bath. Just shower them off with some lukewarm water and then dry them with a towel, their hair will dry fairly quickly afterwards too, so you won’t have a big mess. Except for the time, when it sheds its hair, it is not necessary to brush a Lapinporokoira.

In the event of sickness or injury always contact the vet. In Salzburg I can highly recommend Dr. Immler and Dr. Heil. When experiencing problems with the eyes I would advise you to go and see Dr. Neun in Rosenheim.

If you have any more questions concerning the care for a Lapinporokoira, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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