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The Lapinporokoira is a working dog, which is why I only sell my puppies to people who know, what it is to have a herding dog and are willing to work with the dog. By making this clear from the very beginning, I would like to avoid people giving their puppies back, because they are not able to give the dog as much attention as it really needs. The Lapinporokoira is a Nordic herding dog that wants to, and has to, work. They are willing to learn and need to be faced with new challenges.
If he feels under stimulated he will go off in the search of something to do, which might result in ripped pillows or chewed up door frames. I myself keep my dogs busy with obedience, agility, dog-dancing, and also mental training.

As every dog breeder would, I try to find the perfect owners for my puppies. I would never sell my dogs to people, who are simply looking for a status symbol or want a dog, that they can show off with.  
When the puppies are eight weeks old, there are ready to go to their new homes. When you buy one of my dogs, you will receive a puppy that already has a chip, a European immunization card and of course a pedigree from the Spitzclub/ÖKV/FCI.

Also every puppy gets a puppy starter package:

   some used food
   a towel, which smells like home
   a set of puppy collar and leash
   a clicker (they are all conditioned on the clicker)
   a toy
   CD with all pictures
   A map with infos about the breed and education

I also have a waiting list for future litters, for which you can sign up to. This registration does not guarantee you a dog in the upcoming litter, but allows you simply to manifest your interest in one of my dogs.
When it is time for you to choose your puppy, I will assist you in doing so. Since I raise them, I know about their attitude and habits and can help you pick the puppy that’s right for you! Before the puppies are eight weeks old, I try to socialize them as much as possible. Apart from getting to know all different kinds of people, I will get them used to driving in a car. They will also be in contact with cats and other small animals. Moreover they will experience different surroundings and learn to walk on different surfaces.

One last important point is that I issue my contracts only to one single person. Please decide beforehand, who will be the registered owner of the dog. I do not sell dogs to minors!

For further information please do not hesitate contact me, either by phone or by e-mail. I’d gladly make an appointment for you to come and see me and my dogs and for to get to know this breed a little bit better.

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