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Lapinporokoira Info

The colours of the Lapinporokoira

The colours for the Lapinporokoira have not been determined. Almost all colours, except for a dominating white, have been accepted.
The most common colour is black with lighter coloured markings, for example a black dog with grey or brown spots on his body, paws, cheeks and above his eyes. Often there also is a trace of white on the body and the paws.
Another very common colour is dark brown, or a mixture of different shades of brown with lighter markings, as mentioned above.
Rather rare are grey dogs or black dogs with a lighter coloured undercoat.

Here is a link about genetics of coulour

brown and tan (light tan)
(Lapinlempi Boulas Beaivi)

braun and tan (dark tan)
(Nuortariikas Aivve Aurinko)

black and tan (light tan)
(Raiddokas Itundra)

black and tan (dark tan)
(Pakkashelmen Rova)

agouti (grey)
(Nuortariikas Áhcolmmai)

agouti with tan
(Nuortariikas Arktinen Arvedavgi)

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