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On 5th of February 2015, Ajaks gave birth to six wonderful and strong black and tan boys

Actually 2 boys are looking for a new sporty home!

Ajaks got in heat too early, so I took Plan B (because I didn'T get holidays) and Ajaks was mated on 5th of december from my Samur!!!

This pairing will have a inbreeding co-efficient of 0,60 % in five generations!!!
Here is the pairining in the german database
In my eyes, both lines harmonise so great together, so I expect healthy, active and beautiful puppies!
All puppies will be black and tan

If you are interessted in this or any future litter, feel free to contact me! It's very important to me, to get known to the new interessted people, and also the later contact!
Here you find the information about purchase and growing up in my Kennel!

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